Prescelli Annan

DC11-PhD: The aid of laboratory in the characterisation of caprock/reservoir CO2 storage geological formations

ETH Zürich

Prescelli recently graduated with an Integrated Masters in Geology from Imperial College London, UK. Her academic focus has transitioned toward geophysics, driven by a passion for the intersection of structural geology and fluid dynamics, especially in the realms of geothermal energy and CO2 sequestration.

During an enriching exchange program in Zurich, she undertook a field-based research internship focusing on induced fault reactivation as part of the FEAR project at Bedretto, ETH Zürich. For her Master’s thesis, she utilised modelling techniques on data acquired throughout a micro-stimulation experiment from Mont Terri, Switzerland, exploring the world of CO2 storage.

Now back in Switzerland, pursuing a Ph.D. at ETH, she is conducting experiments in the laboratory. This will serve as the foundation of her research, from which numerical modelling will be used to cross-correlate datasets across different scales in the context of CO2 sequestration. This research aims to bridge the gap between lab-scale controlled experiments and field-scale pilot projects, providing a comprehensive dataset for a spatiotemporal understanding of injection-induced processes.