Osmari Aponte

DC10-PhD: Automated analysis of ground deformation time series


She is a Geophysical Engineer graduated from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela (2017). Her Bachelor’s thesis, “Characterization of Carbonates by Seismic Attributes and Well Data: Campo Merced, Mexico,” allowed her to work on reservoir characterization through seismic attributes and petrophysical analysis. She then worked as a geophysics analyst in Caracas, specializing in oil and gas reservoir characterization.

She was awarded in 2020 an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, she completed a Master’s degree in Marine Environment and Resources (MER+) in 2022. Throughout this program, she had the opportunity to enrich her academic experience at the Université de Bordeaux (UBx), Universidad del País Vasco (EHU/UPV), and Université de Liège (ULiège). Her Master’s thesis, “Evaluation of the Influence of Submarine Outflows of Waste Water Treatment Plants on Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Balearic Islands,” showcased her dedication to environmental research.

She is a doctoral candidate at GReD and Politecnico di Milano. Her specific research project aims to develop innovative solutions by creating an automated software tool for analyzing ground deformation time series obtained from Galileo-enabled low-cost GNSS receivers in conjunction with DInSAR monitoring and ground modeling.