Mateja Macut

DC6 – Use of Invasion Percolation methods to model gravity segregation in CO2/HC/brine systems

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

She is a doctoral candidate from Slovenia. Less than a year ago she obtained her master’s degree in Applied Geology from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University in Ljubljana. In the last year of her studies she has focused on geothermal energy, which was strongly influenced by attending an international geothermal summer school, organised at the faculty. 

Her master’s thesis put strong emphasis on analising correlations and time series between pumping and monitoring wells in a geothermal leaky aquifer, located in Laško, Slovenia, as well as finding possible connections to the local river.  

After she finished her studies, she continued with her geothermal endeavours as a work associate at the Geological Survey of Slovenia in Ljubljana. During this time she had a privilege to be a part of a geothermal workshop in Iceland, where she became familiar with various aspects of applying geothermal energy into an everyday life, including the benefits and possible implementations of CO2 storage, which is also the main focus of her PhD