DC8-PhD: Simulation of thermal, hydraulic and mechanical stress distribution in heterogeneous layered reservoirs

22 de May de 2023

Objectives: To identify the key processes operating which impact the surface deformation signal during fluid injection as a function of the THM changes in the system. To identify the key geological facies related controls on the transfer of deep seated reservoir strain to the surface. To train the student in the use of FEM and FVM codes for coupled THM problems, introduce them to state-of-the-art numerical code architecture necessary to simulate flexibly THM problems. To upscale from THM lab scale experimental measurements to field measurements

Expected Results: A literature review on methodologies used to upscale THM coupled processes at sub cm scale to reservoir injection scale. Numerical simulation of surface deformation of laboratory scale samples in the GREAT cell. Numerical prediction of surface deformation as a consequence of fluid injection of geothermal sites. Application of multiple upscaling approaches, including the geomechanical facies approach.

Doctoral canidate: Anas Sidahmed

Host Institution: UEDIN (UK)

Secondments: Armines, Quintessa